alexander hatala

Intro with Alexander Hatala

Alexander Hatala is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of Custom Design Partners. Alexander Hatala studied network engineering and security at Riverside Military Academy and moved onto Florida Career College. Combing consumer behavior and his IT background, Alexander found immediate success within digital strategies.

Schooling and education

Attended Riverside Military Academy, followed up by Florida Career College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Where are you live?

Jacksonville Florida, near the headquarters of Custom Design Partners in downtown Jax.

What are you doing now?

Alexander Hatala is a consultant for several enterprise level partners, creating and executing digital strategies for national eCommerce and funded SaaS. Additionally, I am chief editor for (OSINT: open-source intelligence).

What is OSINT Insights About? is one of the first news-based digital magazines covering the field of OSINT techniques and strategies. OSINT is a fancy word for ‘online investigating’, but it’s been around since the dawn of the internet. OSINT has become more and more in demand as the cybersecurity industry shifts and fluctuates. You can checkout OSINTInsights social media:

How do we contact you?

The easiest way is via my official website. Currently I’m not open for new work or contracts, but send me an email and I may find it interesting enough!

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